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We want what's best for you and your business.

Regular Communication

It's our goal to ensure that you have a strong understanding of your business's financial situation.

Package Pricing

Never be surprised by your bookkeeping bill. With package pricing, you'll know exactly what you pay.

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We intentionally limit our client list to the businesses that we can serve best.

Welcome to Three Coins Bookkeeping, LLC!

As a growth oriented entrepreneur, you know that numbers are everything. Waiting until tax season to see your finances summed up for the year isn’t going to cut it when you’re ready to start your next growth strategy. We specialize in virtual bookkeeping services on a monthly or quarterly basis for service providers, particularly therapists (HIPAA compliant), coaches/consultants, public speakers, and content creators, as well as other small businesses and freelancers that are people facing or virtual. Three Coins Bookkeeping, LLC welcomes and values spicy “accountants” and neuro-spicy clients.

What You Get by Working With Three Coins Bookkeeping, LLC

Increased Time: Do you spend hours every month plugging in information for every transaction your business makes, researching duplicate charges, and struggling to keep up with accounting software updates? We manage this part of building your business for you- no more late nights with customer service trying to figure out where they’ve moved the Reports link to!

Increased Profit Potential: You’ll know how much money is coming in and out of your business, and from what sources. You’ll know where you need to put your focus with a monthly or quarterly bookkeeping package- no more doing damage control after seeing your tax return!

Increased Peace of Mind: We handle your numbers for you, and because we use package pricing, you know how much you pay each month. No more hourly billing sticker shock!

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