Three of Pentacles, Three of Coins

Three Coins Bookkeeping, LLC is a 100% virtual bookkeeping firm that supports service providers as an essential part of their back office team. We specialize in QuickBooks Online and Wave Apps, but are open to working with clients who prefer Xero or Freshbooks.

The name “Three Coins” is a reference to the 3 of Pentacles in Tarot. This card represents teamwork- people of varying backgrounds coming together to accomplish a common goal. Each brings an essential skill, and they can accomplish far greater things together than they could alone.


How is outsourcing bookkeeping beneficial to me?

Accurate and timely bookkeeping have a lot of benefits. Just as you keep a personal budget to know if your discretionary spending has gotten out of hand, or if you can finally afford to upgrade your vehicle, you need to know where your business is making the most profit, or leaking out funds so that you can make a solid plan for the future. You want to focus on growing your business and doing what you love. Chances are, learning and keeping up with accounting software and learning the ins and outs of proper bookkeeping are not part of that.

Isn’t bookkeeping what my tax preparer is for?

Some tax pros do offer bookkeeping as a service, but they are very different things. A tax pro, CPA, or other accounting professional is looking at tax compliance, big picture, and analysis. This is necessary and good- I highly recommend working with a pro in this area. A bookkeeper is working with your day to day transactions, drilling down to details, and providing the information that the accountant/CPA/tax preparer uses to do their job. We work hand in hand to provide the information that you need to make the best decisions for you, and your business.

What kind of experience do you have?

Over 20 years in billing, Accounts Payable, and working as an accounting assistant, followed by professional bookkeeping training to bring all of the elements together. Since then, I’ve become a QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor, and have been working with clients in the service industries ever since.

Why do you refer to yourself as “we” if it’s only you?

It sounds better.

Because I may bring on new team members and don’t want to update everything.

It’s the “royal” we.

What if my business doesn’t fit your list of industries?

If you want to work with me and don’t see your specific industry on my list, that’s fine! In order to provide the very best service, I do limit the industries that I work with. However there is often overlap between industries (for example- a public speaker that also sells print on demand shirts on Etsy and workbooks on Amazon). If we truly aren’t a great fit, I have a large network of bookkeepers, and am happy to make referrals.

What *is* your list of industries that you work with?

This is not an exhaustive list. If you don’t see yourself reflected here but would like to work with me, please schedule a discovery call, and we can discuss your business and see if we’re a fit. Neuro-spicy friendly.

  • Therapists (HIPAA compliant bookkeeping)
  • Coaches/Consultants/Organizers
  • Content Creators (Bloggers, YouTubers, Influencers, etc)
  • Spiritual Biz Entrepreneurs (Astrologers, Tarot Readers, etc- primarily service or content based)
  • Some e-Commerce (sales tax and inventory must be handled by you or another professional)
  • Freelancers
  • Spicy Accountants
  • Businesses that use Orange County Credit Union (not an industry, I just really like their statements)

How do I work with you?

Simple- click here to schedule a discovery call. Not ready yet? Stay plugged in via our social media.

I’m a CPA/Tax Pro/Payroll Provider/etc, Can I refer you?

Absolutely! I’d love to add you to my referral list. If you’d like to talk, you can book a call on the calendar provided in the link above, or message/connect with me on socials.

I’m Ready To Start- What Are The Next Steps?

First, schedule a free 15 minute discovery call. This is where we’ll discuss your business, what your goals and bookkeeping needs are, and get a good idea of whether we’re a good fit.

Next, if it looks like we’re a good match, I’ll request relevant reports, statements, and possibly other documentation, and, if you are already using accounting software, you’ll invite me as an accountant user to your bookkeeping software so that I can perform a diagnostic on the current state of your books, and develop a plan to bring them up to date and formulate a bookkeeping package or packages that should fit your needs.

Once the diagnostic is finished, we’ll either set up another meeting to go over any issues that need to be corrected or updated, 1 or more bookkeeping packages for ongoing service, and discuss plans for onboarding, or I will create a diagnostic report to send for you to peruse at your convenience.

Finally, once we’ve agreed to the best bookkeeping plan and package for your business’ needs, we’ll begin the onboarding process which includes forms that must be filled out/signed and a list of what is needed in order to begin the work.

And then, magic.